Blahkiuh Traditional Market

Traditional market is called Pasar in Indonesian. . It is a just 10  minutes drive from Alam Pracetha Bali home stay.There are still lots of Pasar in nearby  although number of supermarkets is increased the last years. I can understand that people prefer to go to a supermarket with its air conditioned building and clean stuff. But traditional market can be fun too.

First of all, the prices can have big difference with supermarket and the stuff (vegetables, fruit, spices, meat) is fresher. Who doesn’t want to pay less for better stuff? Then the atmosphere at traditional markets is lively. Vendors and buyers chat with each other because they see each other regularly. There is a kind of friendship appeared between vendors and their loyal customers. Then display at this market is simple and traditional. Most female vendors still wear kebaya (traditional Indonesian cloth).

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